Jak čistit větrák

Dveře jsou velmi důležitou součástí každé domácnosti, ale jejich údržbu často přehlížíme. Jednou z méně známých částí dveří jsou panty, které zajišťují plynulý chod dveří. Panty se v průběhu času mohou zaprášit, zanesením způsobit škrábance nebo ztratit svou funkčnost. Proto je důležité pravidelně vyčistit panty dveří, aby se zajistilo klidné otevírání a zavírání dveří. V této příručce se dozvíte, jak čistit panty u dveří krok za krokem.

Jak čistit panty u dveří: Tips for Cleaning Door Hinges

Panty u dveří, or door hinges, play a vital role in any home. They keep doors attached to the wall or door frame, enable doors to open and close smoothly, and ensure that the door remains stable and upright. However, given how frequently these hinges are used, it is only a matter of time before they get dirty and accumulate grime, dirt, and rust.

So, how can you clean your panty u dveří and keep them in excellent condition? In this article, we discuss some useful tips and tricks to help you maintain your door hinges, and prevent them from breaking down too early.

Tools and materials you’ll need:

  • A dry cloth or disposable paper towels
  • A small bowl or container
  • A rust cleaner or vinegar
  • A small brush or toothbrush
  • A lubricant or oil (e.g. WD-40 or vegetable oil)

Step-by-step guide:

1. Start by removing the door from its hinge:

The first step to cleaning your door hinges is to remove the door itself. Grab a hammer and a nail and carefully tap the nail at the bottom of the hinge pin. Then, gently push the pin upwards until it pops out of the hinge. Be sure to remove the door carefully not to bend it or scrape the paint off the door frame.

2. Remove any visible debris:

Using a dry cloth or disposable paper towel, remove any visible debris, dirt, and cobwebs from the door hinge. You can also use a brush or a toothbrush to clean the small crevices and corners that are difficult to reach with a cloth.

3. Soak the hinge in a rust cleaner or vinegar:

If your hinge is rusty or corroded, mix some rust cleaner or vinegar with water in a small bowl to make a solution. Dip the hinge in the solution and let it soak for a few minutes, or until the rust or debris has loosened up.

4. Scrub the hinge:

After soaking, use the brush or toothbrush to scrub the hinge thoroughly, making sure to clean all sides, corners, and crevices. If the hinge is still dirty, repeat the soaking and scrubbing process until you have removed all debris and rust.

5. Rinse with water:

When you are satisfied with the hinge’s cleanliness, rinse it with water in a small container to get rid of the rust cleaner or vinegar. Be sure to dry the hinge thoroughly with a clean cloth to prevent further rusting.

6. Lubricate the hinge:

After cleaning and drying the hinge, apply a small amount of lubricant to the hinge’s pins and joints. You can use WD-40, vegetable oil or any other lubricant that is readily available. The oil will prevent the hinge from rusting and help the door to operate smoothly.


Cleaning your panty u dveří can be time-consuming and tricky, but with these tips, you can maintain your hinges‘ condition, ensure that they work correctly and eliminate the cause of the problem before something goes wrong. The task can be done easily with simple tools and materials found at home. Cleaning your hinges should be done regularly, as this will help them last longer and operate more efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.

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